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How to watch porn discreetly Hiding your guilty pleasures from prying eyes is possible, but you need to do it properly. Hugh Aver May 8, Few people are willing to discuss with their relatives, let alone strangers, the details of their online lives. Alas, that information can become available to others, regardless of your wishes. We explain who can catch sight of your online activities, and how to make sure your secrets are safe.

1. Your family

Your family You likely share a Wi-Fi network, and possibly even a computer, with your family. This means your partner, kids, or parents — anyone you share a home with — could discover traces of your online activities.

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Here is what could give you away. Browser history.

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The browser remembers the websites you visit and suggests them the next time you want to visit one of them. That generally comes in handy, but it can lead to some awkward moments if, say, your partner or your kid types in the letter P for Pinterestand gets a suggestion for P ornhub.

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Targeted advertising. When you open a website, the browser saves cookie files on your computer, which let the site remember things about you for example, your username, which pages you viewed, the contents of your shopping cart. The giants of the Web, such as Google, will of course not show erotic banners.

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However, less-scrupulous advertising networks may. It is best to go into incognito mode before watching private videos, so as to avoid embarrassment later.


In fact, some browsers, such as Yandex. Browser, will suggest it if you open a porn site. Running in incognito mode, your browser stores no cookies and no search history.

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Your family will see none of those treacherous suggestions in the address bar. As for the cookies and browser history you have already accumulated, clear them. Tip: Use incognito mode to avoid leaving browsing linte de contact suisse anti aging for your family to discover. Internet giants Cookies are not the only way to find out about your interests, so incognito mode will not hide information about your hobbies from big Internet corporations.

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Google will still remember what you searched for and what sites you opened in Chrome. Facebook will still learn about the things you like if you visit websites that are integrated with its analytics and advertising modules — and you would not believe how many of those are around.

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Fortunately, not all companies want to collect all of the data they can about you. The search engines DuckDuckGo and Startpage.

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You can find more ways to keep your online life private in this post. Tip: Privacy-centric browsers and search engines, along with the Private Browsing feature in Kaspersky products can help prevent tracking by advertising networks and Internet giants. Use a secure connection to dodge those whose curiosity gets the better of them.

Doing so will encrypt your traffic so strongly that the ISP will see nothing but gibberish. More on VPNs in this post. Tip: Use a secure connection to keep your interests from those who might be monitoring your Internet traffic.

Porn scammers Scammers who e-mail you saying they have infected your basse ruche suisse anti aging with malware and used a Web camera to make a video of your naughty pleasures really have no idea if you have been watching porn or not.

They are simply mass-mailing their threats in the hope that someone will bite.

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So, do not fret and do not pay anyone anything. If you receive an e-mail like that, send it straight to spam. Tip: Never pay spammers who claim to have caught you watching adult content. Remember safety measures Although the creators of well-known porn websites protect their reputationsit is not impossible to get your device infected while searching for adult videos.

From time to time, cybercriminals hack networks that display ads on such websites or attempt to pass off a fake.

2. Internet giants

The malware is unlikely to hack your webcam, but it may very well block your screen with an explicit picture or start displaying gobs of explicit ads in your browser.

So, remember these safety measures. Choose websites you know. Avoid opening questionable websites from search results that promise premium content free.

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Download apps from official sources only. Do not click on links in ads, even if they are hard to resist.

Use a robust protective solution.

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It will block a malicious program, should one attempt to linte de contact suisse anti aging your device.