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The album emphasizes the importance of the Romanian woman in her capacity as a queen, a doctor or a charity sister, a strong opponent against the occupant, an artist involved in charity, a well-rounded intellectual fighting for the national ideal.

The album once again emphasizes the contribution of the Romanian woman to the achievement of the unitary national state. Through her qualities and strive the female sovereign Queen Mary left behind her a united Romania in full economic ascension and political affirmation.

Her domain of interest is related to library science, library history, and philology.

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The Mărgineni Library. Craiova: Editura ProUniversitaria,pp.

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She took part in the conferences organized by the Association of Librarians of Romania ABR and in various other national and international conferences and colloquiums. The presentation will bring forward an almost unknown set of information aloe netezește ridurile how the intellectuals and writers from Northern Moldova contributed to the consolidation through culture to the Great Union of This manifested itself by the publishing of several cultural magazines, which appeared, some before the Union, such as Junimea literară The Literary Youth vimeo quantumwave anti-imbatranire Cernăuţi, others immediately after the Union, Junimea Moldovei de Nord The Youth of North Moldavia on January 5,followed by Revista Moldovei The Moldavian Magazinewhich appeared in Botoşani until All these were solid publications that had a great spread.

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Emphasize will be placed on the activity of acnee anti-imbatranire people who propagated, right after the Great Union ofa special energetic climate, a true cultural focus and national consciousness, animated by the ideal of consolidation through culture and spirituality of the territorial union.

Areas of Interest: Culture, museology, education, literature poetry, prose, essays, children literatureliterary history, literary criticism, translations, journalism, music. More than 3, articles, literary pieces, studies, interviews, chronicles, published in Romania and abroad.

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More than 35 anthologies and collective books. Among the essential characteristics of her work, they emphasized the profoundness and harmony of her poetry, the balance between classic and modern expression, archetypal themes, the prosodic virtuosity of her poetry, and her prose ability of catching both the general human features and significant details, and of creating memorable characters and 21 unforgettable situations, in a captivating style.

Her children literature is appreciated for its beauty, ingenuity, and educative virtues, while her essays and literary criticism are praised for their novelty, and her musical album for her surprising voice. Tată, ce e Basarabia? The author successfully manages to recreate the charm of the old village in which its people sat down to tell stories about war and life in general and knew each one about the life of their neighbors.

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And the children sneak between them, eavesdropping to their conversations and coming up with innocent questions to their stories. To mention a few: Amprente,Stampe și portrete,Fereastra deschisă,Doruri,Roua înserării,Prizonierul visului,Personalul de noapte, Vimeo quantumwave anti-imbatranire poet dedicates these beautiful poems to vimeo quantumwave anti-imbatranire tormented people, a victim-people, to a people of rising martyrs, a people who was too many times knelt down by cruel enemies from outside its territory or even from its midst, people without faith.

In contrast, his poetry is an ode meant for all the martyrs of this people, which sometimes twists itself into a deep prayer toward God, Who is the only one Who can help the Romanians, wherever they are. A poem of sadness, of silent cry of a nation that has endured too much. Keywords: victim-people, martyr, patriotism, prayer, enemy 23 Ștefan Dumitrescu born on April 24th,Valea Mare, Vâlcea county is a Romanian contemporary writer, having vimeo quantumwave anti-imbatranire vimeo quantumwave anti-imbatranire impressive work when it comes to its number, but also when it comes to genre.

Celulele canceroase sunt anaerobe, ceea ce nseamn c ele deriv energia lor, fr a avea nevoie de oxigen. Otto Warburg, a ctigat primul su Premiul Nobel n si al doilea Premiul Nobel n pentru descoperirea enzimei transfer hidrogen. Descoperirile sale sunt cotate dup cum urmeaz: Dar, chiar i pentru cancer, exist o singur cauz primar. Rezumata n cteva cuvinte, cauza a cancerului este inlocuirea respiratiei oxigenului in celulele normale ale corpului de o fermentare de zahr. Deoarece nu exist celule de cancer, unde respiraia celulare este intacta, nu poate fi contestat faptul ccancerul ar putea fi prevenit dac respiraia celulelor corpului va fi pstrata intacta.

He studied at the Faculty of Philosophy of the University of Bucharest during He succeeded in distinguishing himself as a poet, prose writer, playwright, essayist, critic and literary historian, philosopher and political analyst. We follow the story of Ploiești from the moments that lead up to the declaration of war against the Austro-Hungarian Empire and Germany, we take part in the effect that the declaration of war has in the midst of the people of Ploiești, we go to war alongside the troops from Prahova county and we return to Ploiești in order to see what measures the people take to have a good ending to the war.

Afterwards we are witnesses to the hard times through which Ploiești goes through when it is occupied and we reach the point when the Treaty of Peace is signed and the troops return home, leaving vimeo quantumwave anti-imbatranire a string of names written on stone crosses in the city cemeteries.

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Grigore Ioan is a simple peasant from a Prahova county village. Inhe was recruited to the pedestrian army. According to the then recruiting system, the military units that had garrisons in Ploieşti were mostly made up of people from the Prahova region.

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Three attempts to conquer the stronghold Grivița 1 leave behind large losses. In the fourth attempt, the soldiers of the 2nd Battalion entered the stronghold and conquered it.

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Grigore Ioan did not know how to read, but he read with great ease, in the eyes of his fellow men, their desire for freedom! He did not want war, but the he understood the heavy yoke the Turks placed on Romania and that made him fight hard. Rosetti, who distinguished himself during World War I. Radu R. There Radu R. Rosetti, Commander of the 12th division of the 34th Regiment Constanța, participated in the Campaign in Bulgaria, where he distinguished himself through his actions.

In he is appointed to lead the Infantry Navy School. He occupies leading roles during WWI. For his military merit and his contribution to the formation of Great Romania, in he was promoted to the rank of general, and inhe is promoted to a high position.

Two for the price of one and all that. The fund, founded by ThomasSteyer, sold all of its 2. Some remain unrepaired this week — more than six years after Munoz first sought help. It was so much fun.

For his merits he was honored with many decorations offered by Romania or other countries. Based on the various important books he wrote, he is considered the greatest researcher of Romanian military history.

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In he is made Minister of Education and Culture. Rosetti died in prison, accused by the communists that he was part of the Ion Antonescu government.

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He is known for his poems, aphorisms, quatrains, pamphlets, and literary chronicles. He has published 20 books since He has been published in anthologies published both, in Romania and overseas, and his name has been included in dictionaries in our country.

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