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Comparison of data obtained in and respectively in regarding Pb, Cu, Zn and Mn contents. A slight improvement on air quality was noticed over the five year period as a result of the installation of a new, much higher smelter chimney. In the same time, a good correlation between the elemental concentration in the lichens thalli and the distance from the polluting source is evident. By comparing the concentration in the heavy metals Pb, Cu, Zn in the thalli of the Cladonia fimbriata with that recorded in soil samples from the same stationaries, one can notice that the highest levels are reached for lead, which accumulated about 3.

A reverse case was recorded for zinc, where accumulation was two times higher in soil than in lichens, while for copper the accumulation was comparable in the two types of samples Table 3. Air pollution from the smelter also has a major impact on the mixed deciduous woodland of the area which is dominated by beech Fagus sylvaticahornbeam Carpinus betulus and oak Quercus petraea [17].

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Forest soils are highly acidic down to pH 2 [1]. On the valley sides, down stream from the smelter, the tree and herbaceous plant cover is sparse and evidences severe damage from sulphur dioxide and acid rain.

time gates 2021 suisse anti aging

Most of the trees show transformations such as extensive necrosis, dying off of the upper canopy branches, blackening of their trunks, and by mid July, yellowing of leaves. The lack of vegetation on many of the steeper slopes has led to severe soil erosion. On more gentle slopes, leaf litter on the forest floor is extremely deep up to 60 cm due to the quantitative decrease of microfaunal organisms such as nematodes, which usually cause its decomposition [22].

time gates 2021 suisse anti aging

The diminishing of invertebrate fauna has led to a marked decrease in the number of organisms at upper levels in the food chain including birds [19]. Fungi are amongst the most successful organisms living on the forest floor, including the edible mushroom Macrolepiota procera.

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However, these have been shown by Pop and Nicoară [21] to contain thirteen times the Cd and four times the Pb levels allowed by World Health Organization health security standards, with young fruit bodies containing the highest levels. The extraordinary capacity of fungi to accumulate metals is well known and therefore, as a precautionary measure, those growing in the Zlatna area should no longer be consumed.

In conclusion, this study demonstrated the use of lichens in monitoring the effectiveness of environmental initiatives to reduce polluting emissions. The heavy metal accumulation was species dependent and correlated with the distance from the polluting source, wind direction, meteorological conditions and microhabitat.

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The most aggressive element was Pb, emitted not only from the smelter, but possibly also by the vehicles in the traffic.

Worldwide, the 20th century has become synonymous with the sight of smoking chimneys, slag heaps, rubbish tips, illegal dumps and 'contaminated land'.

Low cost solutions to the problems of metal contamination are therefore urgently required. Natural remediation systems are likely to provide the most cost effective long-term solutions.

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The survival of organisms in the presence of toxic metals in contaminated sites such as Zlatna depends on time gates 2021 suisse anti aging biochemical, physiological and genetic features. Whilst it is certainly true that Zlatna has suffered intense environmental degradation, the area is also a natural laboratory for studying fundamental processes of metal mobilisation and bioaccumulation.

Our studies are designed to both identify risks to human health and to work towards better natural systems for cleaning-up such metal contaminated environments.

time gates 2021 suisse anti aging

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