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He has a younger sister, Krista Johannis born However, he chose to live and work in Romania. From tohe was Deputy General School Inspector of Sibiu Countyand from until his election as mayor inhe was the General School Inspector, head of public schools in the county.

Iohannis is fluent in German and Romanian at a native level and also speaks English.

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The original spelling of his name which is German is Johannis, but the name was registered by a Romanian official as Iohannis on his birth certificate [12] and he has used both spellings interchangeably.

Despite the fact that Sibiu's German minority had shrunken to a mere 1.

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The contemporary small but well organised German minority is rather popular in Romania, where they are often viewed as hard-working, precise, and uncompromising. Many Romanians also remember that the country experienced some of its best moments under German kings over a century ago.

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Iohannis is also widely credited with turning the city into one of Romania's most popular tourist destinations thanks to the extensive renovation of the old downtown. Sibiu was declared the European Capital of Culture ofalong with Luxembourg the bearer of the distinction in Coming from outside the national-level politics intermobiliare suisse anti aging Romania, Iohannis had an image of an 3 cantons fondateurs suisse anti aging politician, [25] although his party i.

However, on 15 October President Traian Băsescu nominated Lucian Croitorua top Romanian economist, as Prime Minister, and charged the latter with forming the country's next government.

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After the second round of negotiations, a day before Croitoru's nomination, Băsescu noted: "Some parties have proposed Klaus Iohannis. I would like you to know that I have not rejected the possibility for him to become Prime Minister in the condition that my options would be directed towards other [national unity government] solutions.

But I have rejected such a proposal because it comes from PSD or another party [PNL]", referring to his alleged constraint to consider a proposal of the largest party PDLconstraint disputed by the other parties. Social Democrat leader Mircea Geoană accused Băsescu of trying to influence the intermobiliare suisse anti aging presidential elections by having them organised by a sympathetic government.

Klaus Iohannis

In response, Antonescu told the press that Iohannis "is not the type of person that would let himself be used". UDMR, which the previous day announced it would also attend, declared in the morning that all their leaders were not in the city.

October 2, 4 aprilie Sa ne gandim la urmatorul scenariu paranoid, dar cu sanse din pacate de a fi real. In aceste zile, cand Gigi Becali, oligarhul imobiliar, patronul Stelei Bucuresti, este arestat pentru sechestrare de persoana 3 golanasi, trei smecherasi care i-au furat limuzina…. Becali este acuzat ca si-a facut singur dreptate, si atunci incepi sa te intrebi daca nu cumva istoria si ceea ce s-a intmplat mamei mele, familiei, oarecum, mie, in special, nu sunt cumva simple coincidente, ci ar face parte dintr-un scenariu minutios, pus la punct de anumite interese oculte… Poate ca maestrii papusari intr-un aparent scenariu de cover-up oltenesc, dar cu complicitati in cercurile cele mai inalte ale puterii — ipotetic — sunt relativ deranjati de mine ca incep sa-mi pun pe hartie anumite amintiri si perceptii personale asupra unor situatii relativ controversate.

PNL was present at the meeting with lower level representatives, after Antonescu announced in the morning that he was campaigning in Cluj-Napoca. On 11 August the alliance chose Iohannis as its candidate for the presidential election in November [38] and so he was registered as an official presidential candidate.

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In a late August interview, Iohannis described himself as a politruk who candidates for the presidency of Romania. In the second round on 16 November he was elected President of Romania with President of Romania[ edit ].