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In latethe PC withdrew from the cabinet, a move at least partially related to conflicts between Băsescu and PC leader Dan Voiculescu. The withdrawal of the PC left the coalition without a majority in the Parliament.

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Domestic policy[ edit ] This section needs expansion. You can help by adding to it. July In domestic politics, Băsescu has often claimed he fights against high-level corruption. In springRomania resolved a hostage crisis in Iraq involving three Romanian journalists and their guide.

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Inhe also focused on pressing the government to provide relief to thousands of Romanians left homeless by widespread flooding throughout the spring and summer. Main article: Official condemnation of Romanian communism regime On 18 DecemberBăsescu delivered a speech to Parliament broadcast live on TV in which he condemned Romania's pre communist regime. Some members of the opposition, mainly of the ultra-nationalist PRM, and some members of the mainstream Social Democratic Party, tried to disturb the speech.

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Particularly vocal was the ultra-nationalist PRM leader Corneliu Vadim Tudorwho walked with posters on the floor of Parliament, whistled and interrupted Băsescu's speech several times. Traian Băsescu with George W. Bush Traian Băsescu in AfghanistanJune Băsescu repeatedly stated that Romania's accession to the European Union remained a top priority, and he was president when the country acceded on 1 January Both the crema anti-imbatranire dermologie numar de telefon and the government of Prime Minister Popescu-Tăriceanu focused on Romania's planned accession to the EU, which remained a central component in Romania's foreign policy.

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In addition, Băsescu has focused on a strong strategic partnership with the United States, a relationship which, during the presidential campaign, he called the "Bucharest-London-Washington axis". Băsescu is singled out in a report by Dick Martyan investigator of the Council of Europeon illegal activities of the US CIA in Europe, as one of the persons who authorized, or at least knew about, and must stand accountable for the black site at the Mihail Kogălniceanu military base from to Romania and the United States are friends, and we're allies.

However, the troops remained in Iraq after Băsescu called a meeting of the Supreme Defense Councilwhich voted for the troops to stay. Chairman of the Joint Chiefs of Staff Gen. Richard B. Myers during a visit to The Pentagon on March 9, Băsescu alleged "that Russia might have been involved in his suspension," citing his pro-Western foreign policy as a reason.

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Furthermore, he has expressed his belief several times in the future unification of the two countries, either politically or in the framework of the European Union. His attitude has brought some practical success, but also led to an increase in anti-Romanian rhetoric from the Communist government of Moldova, under Vladimir Voronin.

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A divisive issue that remains to this day is the opening of two Romanian consulates outside the capital of Moldova, as well asMoldovans applying for Romanian citizenship. In both cases, Băsescu strongly supported moves to strengthen relations with Moldova, while the Moldovan Communist leadership sought to cool Băsescu's enthusiasm.

On 23 July the last Romanian soldiers left Iraq.

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Conflict with Prime Minister Tăriceanu[ edit ] Traian Băsescu and Călin Popescu-Tăriceanu in October Băsescu continued to be rather popular due to his open style and hands-on approach.

In his electoral campaign, he promised to be a președinte jucător in Romanian"player-president", in contrast to a more withdrawn president who would be just a mediator among political forces thus creating in the eyes of some a juridical conflict of a constitutional nature.

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After he became president, as legally required, he resigned from the Democratic Party PD. However, he remained very involved in day-to-day politics of Romania, often being accused by other political leaders of overstepping constitutional boundaries on the role of the president. During the course of his presidency, his relations with Popescu-Tăriceanu gradually soured, particularly following the Prime Minister's reversal of course in July Crema de fata antirid Givenchy Tăriceanu initially announced he would resign causing early parliamentary elections, [35] which some hoped would have resulted in the Justice and Truth Alliance governing alone.

The ensuing poor relations between the President and the Prime Minister have become one of the primary themes of Romanian post politics, [36] with many unrelated disputes converging towards this dichotomy. Under the Romanian Constitution, the president appoints the prime minister, but does not have the authority to dismiss him. On 11 JanuaryBăsescu presided over the first half of the meeting of the Consiliul Suprem al Magistraturii CSM; Superior Council of the Magistracy at which the election of its new president took place.

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Before the candidacies were announced, Băsescu publicly said to judge Anton Pandrea: "I heard you have announced your candidacy, Mr.

I wish you great success. When the matter became public debate, Băsescu stated about the note: "The Prime Minister proposed to me a partnership, one, unfortunately, with our oligarchies.

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Băsescu stated: "Such type of partnership was unacceptable to me Băsescu immediately asked Tăriceanu to produce evidence to support anti aging center ch imagini claims, to send it to the Prosecutor's Office, and to remove the ministers allegedly involved.

Patriciu also said that in a discussion with Băsescu in Octoberhe was advised to invest in any country in the Black Sea basin except Russia.

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According to Patriciu, Băsescu said " The newspaper claimed that this was outside the legal prerogatives of the president, and accused Băsescu of sending the note directly to the Minister instead of following the usual administrative procedures, and furthermore noted that the matter was a commercial dispute that neither the President nor the Transport Minister had the legal means to solve. On 5 Aprilthe Constitutional Court decided that "The Romanian President doesn't have veto power, but, if he observes that the proposed person does not correspond to the legal conditions required to be a member of Government, he can ask the Prime Minister to renounce his proposal.

Impeachment vote by the Parliament[ edit ] Anti aging center ch imagini earlyBăsescu was proposed for impeachment by the members of the anti aging center ch imagini parties for alleged unconstitutional conduct.